Tuition Tailored Just For You

Learn to sing, play guitar, bass or drums with our industry professionals. Tailored lessons specifically matched to achieve your goals.


Music should be fun and exciting and we aim to provide a positive environment where you can come and grow your playing without it feeling like a chore. We customise our lessons based on what you want to achieve, teaching you the skills and secrets you’ll need to know to get there. Rock, folk, metal, punk, jazz, whatever style you’re into, we can put you on the right track to be playing along with your favourite jams or better yet writing your own sooner than you might think. 


Our teachers come with several years of professional music industry experience and will share their knowledge and tools of the trade including practice techniques, performance tips, instrument care and a whole lot more. Real skills for the real world. 





One On One $38 per lesson

Take your music to the next level. With one on one tuition our industry experienced teachers take all they've learned out in the real world to help you get where you want to be. Lessons are tailored specifically to whatever stage your playing is at to exactly what you want to achieve. Sure you can watch YouTube or read the books, but the thing they can't do is pay attention to the details of your playing. Our teachers coach you and pin point the areas you need to focus on to get you playing as good as you can. No matter your age, everyone is welcome. Music is something you will have for life, so get involved. Classes are limited so get in early to secure your place.




Group Lessons $20 per lesson

Group lessons are a less intensive option to private tuition. Perfect for students not sure about what instrument they want to learn - group lessons provide an affordable option to dip your toe in the water until you are ready to take the next step. 




My Kinder Jam

Novotone are now offering music development classes for your little ones. Our bubbly and interactive "My Kinder Jam" classes are designed to introduce your mini musos into a world of music and movement in a casual and fun learning environment.


My Kinder Jam classes enhance children’s development while they are having fun. Singing, dancing, playing percussion instruments and fun musical games designed to stimulate the children’s creativity and imagination.


As well as introducing musical concepts such as beat, rhythm & dynamics, My Kinder Jam aids and encourages children’s speech development, listening skills, social skills and physical co-ordination.


My Kinder Jam is a class for your little ones in which parents and carers interact and spend time with their children bonding over the joy of music. Our classes are run by professional, passionate teachers who are experienced working with tiny tots and their families. Everything in class takes a ‘hands-on’ approach with all children able to touch and play all the instruments. Our lessons are themed each week to give an insight into the everyday ways that music and sound enriches our world. Children develop confidence using their voice and interacting with their peers. Whether it’s whistling and chugging like a train or popping bubbles under the sea each week brings a wealth of opportunities for learning and fun.

Classes are just $10 per child

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